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A Professional Assessment, Design and Project Services Company


Preconstruction & Retrofit Planning

Which is the best strategy for your business or operations? Building a new plant, retrofit an existing plant, consolidate operations, upgrade while running, modify your plant for new products or new line of business.. Asking the right questions is essential to developing the right strategy. Laundry Design Group has the experience to help you ask the right questions and find the right path for you and your business.

What Can We Do For You..

Our Services can include any or all aspects of  renovation, retrofit or new plant development.

  • Needs assessment and feasibility

  • Business case decision support

  • Initial budget development prepared for finance approval

  • Project site engineering technical support

  • Code Compliance support –

  • Technical Document Integration Services -

  • Final systems/equipment selection

  • Construction trade selection

  • Professional Project Management –

  • Benchmarking and project verification -

Certification Planning & Assessment

Is your organization taking the next step in gaining Laundry Certification or process compliance to assure your customers that you are a best practice provider. Let our team help you create a solid program or help you address key certification hurdles.



Sound Decisions, Realistic Expectations.

The Laundry Design Group was founded by Bob Corfield whom has over 30 years experience and 200 major projects on his resume. Bob and his team of experienced consultants  help commercial and professional laundry owners and managers navigate the complexities of modern laundry projects. 

The laundry solutions available today that address Energy, Ergonomics, Production, Automation or Logistics which are essential to maintain safe, productive, and quality oriented workplaces.  As the laundry industry moves more towards systems and not just simple machines, the Laundry Design Group assists our customers in making sound decisions with realistic expectations.




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For any inquiries please call: 1-855-226-3500 or fill out the following form

Reach us:
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